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Play online Euro Millions. Win millions. : 2023

Euro Millions

2023-12-01:   04-10-14-38-50  (9,12)
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The game comes from Europe. Coupons to play Euro Millions can be bought in Australia, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK.
Vouchers can be bought, of course, also worldwide via the Internet in a very simple way. Simply register on the site involved in the sale of Euro Millions tickets. Clicking next to a banner, you can do. After registering on the site involved in the sale of Euro Millions tickets, you can choose your lucky numbers, the number of draws and the date draws with selected numbers.

The first draw took place on 13.02.2004 in Paris. Drawings are in Paris on every Tuesday and Friday. Euro Millions draw time is 21:25 (GMT). Drawings are organized in Spain by lotto Loterias y Aquestas des Estad in France by lottery Francaise des Jeux (known in France as an operator of multiple gaming machines). In the UK lottery is organized by Camelot.

Game rules:
5 numbers are drawn from 50 numbers that are in the machine called Stresa. In addition, there are two numbers drawn from 1 to 11, which located in the machine Paquerette. The main prize is at least 15 million Euros, this is the initial accumulation in the Euro Millions. To win the grand prize, you must hit all the numbers. In June 2007, Euro Millions opened in Portugal and Ireland, an additional service - Euro Millions Plus. The player to the payment of the additional 1 euro can make additional bets, so that can win extra half million.

In July 2011 in Scotland, came the biggest win in Euro Millions. It amounted to 185 000 Euro 000 million.

The probability of winning hit all the numbers, and thus win the main accumulation in the Euro Millions is a 1:76,275,360
The probability of hitting any winning are 1 to 24
July 31, 2005, resulting in 9-fold accumulation Euro Millions Lotto jackpot was 115 million euros. The ticket was purchased in Garryowen, Limerick, Ireland and the win was Dolores McNamara. It happens that the lucky winner does not receive his reward. Then his win passes to the next draw. Win the Euro Millions are tax-free. The exception is Switzerland, where you have to pay tax on winnings.

  • 2023-12-01:   04-10-14-38-50  (9,12)
  • 2023-11-28:   12-16-27-33-44  (7,8)
  • 2023-11-24:   15-20-29-39-48  (1,7)
  • 2023-11-21:   19-29-34-46-47  (2,3)
  • 2023-11-17:   02-24-26-46-50  (2,7)
  • 2023-11-14:   13-16-36-44-50  (3,5)
  • 2023-11-10:   10-21-30-38-42  (2,12)
  • 2023-11-07:   08-10-11-30-39  (4,10)
  • 2023-11-03:   08-21-31-39-47  (5,9)
  • 2023-10-31:   05-07-20-40-50  (2,10)
  • 2023-10-27:   29-33-35-48-49  (3,8)
  • 2023-10-24:   08-16-18-31-34  (6,9)
  • 2023-10-20:   02-20-28-40-45  (1,5)

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