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Play online in SuperEnalotto. Win millions. : 2022

PlaySuperEna and win up to 150 million


2022-01-15:   06-19-48-51-73-89   Jolly: 32   SuperStar: 40
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The game comes from Italy (Europe). The first draw took place on 3 XII 1997 year. Before the rise of the game SuperEnalotto, Italy was a popular game EnaLotto which powstałach in the 50 th century. In SuperEnalotto are the biggest jackpots in the world. This is due among other things, because this game is very popular around the world, and the plants can be purchased over the Internet. With Super Ena Lotto game you can become a billionaire, and fulfill all your dreams come true.
Draw lucky numbers are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Drawings are at 20:00 local time in Italy. Lottery numbers SuperEnalotto is done by taking the first numbers of the lottery, which are played in six Italian cities, in alphabetical order: Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome. Sisal SuperEnalotto leads since 1996.

Rules of the Game: To win the grand prize must correctly choose 6 numbers from 90 numbers. You can also select an additional number - Jolly Number. It raised the amount of the grand prize, but hitting this additional number, you can increase the amount of smaller prizes. SuperStar is drawn well.

Primary jackpot in the first degree is € 1,300,000 SuperEnalotto and from this amount, if nobody hits six figures, growing accumulation. There are no restrictions on the amount of prize amounts in SuperEnalotto.

The probability of winning in SuperEnalotto: The probability of hitting 6 numbers is 1 in 622,614,630. It is very unlikely, but thanks to this accumulation of SuperEnalotto are very large and can become a billionaire. Hit 5 numbers + selected number is 1 to 103,769,105 Hit 5 numbers in a SuperEnalotto is likely to 1,235,346 The probability of hitting four lucky numbers is 1 to 11,907 Definitely easier to hit three figures. 1 to 327 is likely to hit three figures.

  • 2022-01-15:   06-19-48-51-73-89   Jolly: 32   SS: 40
  • 2022-01-13:   10-34-56-66-78-87   Jolly: 52   SS: 29
  • 2022-01-11:   15-22-24-33-38-71   Jolly: 47   SS: 45
  • 2022-01-10:   03-25-30-58-66-84   Jolly: 72   SS: 55
  • 2022-01-08:   35-42-49-63-68-78   Jolly: 1   SS: 33
  • 2022-01-04:   05-18-59-78-81-89   Jolly: 10   SS: 9
  • 2022-01-03:   09-47-50-67-73-74   Jolly: 85   SS: 49
  • 2021-12-30:   10-20-40-55-68-86   Jolly: 26   SS: 76
  • 2021-12-28:   13-19-47-70-77-83   Jolly: 31   SS: 59
  • 2021-12-27:   06-10-11-41-61-80   Jolly: 76   SS: 47
  • 2021-12-23:   11-15-17-37-54-89   Jolly: 8   SS: 38
  • 2021-12-21:   30-49-61-62-79-87   Jolly: 63   SS: 48

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