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Play Lotto online in the UK. Win millions. : 2022 - win up to 42 million Pounds


UK Lotto was founded in the UK. The first draw took place on November 19, 1994 on Saturday, and from 5 February 1997 drawing are also held on Wednesdays. Drawings are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Wednesdays, UK LOTTO drawing held at 22:35, and Saturdays are the draw at 19:45. Drawings are broadcast on TV channel BBC1.
To win, you choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49 You can also use the "at random" or "Lucky Dip ®. There are 6 numbers drawn plus a number from 1 to 49 An additional random number is after drawing six numbers from 49th The draw takes place in the same machine, it means that it can not be drawn number, which was already drawn in the earlier drawing (6 of 49 numbers.)
Hitting 6 numbers win £ 2 000 000. If you hit 5 numbers + additional number, you win £ 100 000. £ 1 500 wins, which hit five figures. Hitting 4 numbers win £ 62, while hitting 3 numbers win £ 10. If no one can draw three misses all six numbers, the accumulation is lost.

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