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Play and win on the Oz Lotto


OZ LOTTO comes from Australia. Tattersall's leading OZ LOTTO game.
The draw for the first time held on 26.02.1994. This is the first national lottery in Australia.

For the first 11 years playing OZ LOTTO have the same rules of the game as the Australian game - Saturday Lotto. The strike was Saturday Lotto 6 numbers from 45 numbers. From 18.10.2005 years in Oz Lotto deletion is also the seventh number. This enables the player has a better chance of winning. Sum up the current OZ LOTTO game is based on the designation 7 numbers from 45 numbers.

By changing the rules of the game OZ LOTTO, the lottery has changed its name in the region Tatts in Australia at the Super 7's Oz Lotto, and in the region of Queensland in Oz 7 Lotto. Draw lucky numbers are held on Tuesdays in the evening.
Grand prize is at least 2 million Australian dollars. The biggest win in OZ Lotto play so far is $ 106,549,984.76. Prize was shared by two people - the first person who comes from Queensland, while the second person who comes from South Australia.

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